Effective achievement in the Islamic economy for 2024


IDB announces the launch of the annual “Effective Achievement in the Islamic Economy” Award 2024, recognizing and rewarding the outstanding achievements of individuals and institutions in the categories of knowledge production and implementation of innovative development solutions guided by the principles of the Islamic economy. In this regard, the 2024 session of this award will be devoted to the category of “cognitive contribution”. in recognition and encouragement of important knowledge productivity in areas related to the Islamic economy, It is capable of contributing to the major economic and financial challenges facing IDB Member States. According to IDB, those wishing to run for this competition should do so exclusively through the online portal of this award, which you find below the dedicated link, this is before 30 November 2023


After this date, the second phase of this candidacy will be launched, through which candidates will be allowed to upload the nomination form and related documents before 03 December 2023.

The top three winners of this competition will also be rewarded by IDB with prizes that vary in value depending on each position.

The first in the ranking will receive USD 100,000

The second will receive USD 70,000

Third will receive USD 30,000


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