Conferences led by Professor MNASRI Bacem

The Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences of the University of Oran 1 had the pleasure of welcoming today Professor MNASRI Bacem from « Centre de Biotechnologie de Bordj-Cédria_ Tunisie » who will give two lectures on November 29 and 30, 2023 at the Auditorium of the Faculty. Professor MNASRI Bacem is invited by the “Laboratoire de Biotechnologie des Rhizobia et Amélioration des plantes “ within the framework of the PHC MAGHREB Project mobility. This scientific event is an opportunity for researchers and students to highlight the latest developments related to plant-microorganism interactions that play a major role in the evolution and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. The result of these interactions lies in the improvement of plant nutrition, growth, stress resistance and diversity. They are also involved in biogeochemical cycles, soil formation, carbon sequestration and climate regulation. They are therefore essential for the sustainability of agroecosystems and food security. After attending the lecture, the students of the “SNV” faculty participated with great interest in a rich and diversified debate, especially on the valorization of the results of scientific research in the socio-economic sectors through innovative projects and entrepreneurial processes.

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